Women’s Contest Prep

Do you desire to have the perfect hour glass figure? Ever wonder how celebrities and fitness models maintain such a lean, sexy, feminine body? Well the answer is simple, a perfect balanced formula of: lots of hours in the gym, a well-balanced cardio program, and a proper nutritional meal plan with a precise macro nutrient breakdown. Luckily for you, we have perfected the formula, so all we need from you is dedication, hard work, and trust. From day one to when you step on stage, we will help you with perfecting your physique, creating a posing routine, dialing in the perfect tan, makeup, and hair. This is the road to stage. Trust the process and embrace the journey. Read on below to see for yourself the many successes our team has had in their own personal competitive career, as well as the successes of the clients we have helped.


  • Personalized Fitness Training
  • Nutritional Advice and Custom Meal Planning
  • Accountability, Motivation, & Unlimited Support

Contest Prep Client and Online Coaching Client of Team Jungle Fitness