The Drug Ambien(Zolpidem)10mg For Sale From Canada Pharmacy

The Drug Ambien(Zolpidem)10mg For Sale From Canada Pharmacy

Ambien is a pharmacological drug of hypnotic action belonging to imidazopyridines. According to the activity of the produced amnestatic, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, anticonvulsant, and sedative effect, it has a similarity with the group of benzodiazepines. Thanks to the use of the drug, a reduction in the duration of the period of falling asleep is achieved, the number of awakenings is reduced, sleep becomes longer and is of better quality.

The drug has the appropriate necessary qualities that allow it to be properly classified as an ideal sleeping pill. Being taken even in the minimum required dose, it ensures rapid falling asleep, and increasing the dosage does not lead to an increase in the strength of its action. This is a deterrent for those who suffer from insomnia, preventing them from independently increasing the doses of the drug.

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Indications for the use of Ambien

The main indications for the use of Ambien are caused by the need to treat insomnia of a transient and situational nature, which manifests itself in a complex of symptoms that occur in relation to all processes related to sleep: falling asleep, actually sleeping in its various phases, and waking up – at night or too early.

Difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep and frequent night awakenings can be caused by the fact that a person is in a depressed state. Therefore, in order to determine the manifestations inherent in depression, it is necessary to assess the state of the psyche of an insomniac after certain periods of time.

Thus, the indications for the use of Ambien are justified by cases when it is necessary to achieve the restoration of normal sleep processes that have situational and transient disturbances as their cause. If insomnia appears as a consequence of certain anomalies of the mental sphere or the psycho-emotional state of a person, then it is necessary to direct treatment to the underlying disease, the concomitant manifestation of which is sleep problems.

Method of administration and dosage

The method of administration and doses of Ambien suggest its oral administration. The drug should be taken in the shortest possible time before going to bed or while already in bed.

The dosage at the beginning of treatment should always be as minimal as possible to achieve an appropriate dose ratio and a sufficient measure of the beneficial effect it produces on the patient’s condition. It should be noted here that in order to achieve such an optimal balance of doses of the drug and the strength and effectiveness of the action provided by it, in no case should one go beyond the upper limit of the maximum allowable amount per day. This value for adults is equal to 10 milligrams.

In cases where there is hepatic dysfunction, in elderly patients and in a weakened state, the initial dose is halved to 5 mg. It is permissible to exceed the 10-milligram daily dosage only if the clinical effect of using the drug is insufficient. An important point here is also that this becomes possible only if the drug is well tolerated.

Treatment with Ambien should differ in the minimum duration: from a few days to a 4-week course, with the inclusion of a dose reduction period in this time period. Courses of treatment exceeding the prescribed deadlines may be prescribed with extreme caution after a repeated clinical assessment of the patient’s condition has been carried out.


Symptoms that occur in case of exceeding the maximum allowable doses of the drug occur in the form of phenomena arising as a result of central nervous system depression. Disorders of consciousness can manifest themselves both in mild forms, in the form of lethargy and confusion of consciousness, and represent phenomena associated with the occurrence of severe disorders of consciousness, perhaps even a comatose state.

An overdose of Ambien is also associated with the risk of hypertension and respiratory depression.