A great man once told me that the secret to life was not to stay safe, but to escape safety. To live life, he said, was to break out from the soft walls of your inflated bouncy house and jump into the threshold of “what if?”; to embrace danger and the cosmic unknown.

Who was this great man? He’s everyone. This is a story not of one man, but of all mankind. We are on this planet for a few years and by golly we need to live it up. This “great man” is nothing more than a plug-in for all those positive and self-experienced individuals I have encountered in my life. This “great man” could be you, could be me, and could be anyone.

To change, to progress we must push ourselves, we must take risks. We must become the “great man” (or great woman). To struggle is to live. This is something we must accept. Everyone has a life, and everyone is guaranteed a death, but not everyone lives their life. In the world of fitness and health, this is transparently true. Life is movement; to cease moving is to cease existing.

Here at Jungle Fitness we understand the great strides that need to be taken to allow ourselves to reach our inner, truest potential. We strive for mental and physical awareness and strength. We understand that exercise, staying fit, being proactive about your health: is hard. It’s downright maddening. We know we want to look good and be fit but it’s the mental block, the fear of change, which holds us back. We get it. We really do.

At times the mental thought of exercise can be more strenuous than the exercise itself. But hey, you got to start somewhere; nobody ever got anywhere without taking that first frightening step towards the right direction. It’s always easier to play the same cards you’ve been playing your whole life, and taking a hit few times will ensure you make more gains. So, in short, keep it moving and don’t give up because it’s too hard. Life is a struggle, and to stop struggling, well, is quite assuredly the opposite.