Let’s face it. Who doesn’t want a massively ripped chest? Here are some major tips to help develop this beautiful muscle.


1.      Alternate chest and back exercises. Doing so will allow you to handle heavier weights during your workout. Chest exercises are pushing motions while back exercises are pulling motions. These two workouts complement each other perfectly in a way so that while the chest muscles are resting, the back muscles can work and vice versa.

2.      Try eccentric training. Eccentric training is when you overload the eccentric portion of the lift, in which you lower the weight. The heavier the weight you lower, the stronger you will be in your lifting phase of the exercise. An easy exercise to try eccentric training with is decline bench press. On the third of rep of each set, have a spotter push softly down on the bar as you slowly lower it to your chest. You’ll find that you have more strength coming back up.

3.      One often overlooked trick for increasing chest development is maxing out your reps initially. Max out a chest exercise and then go for reps instead of weight. Start with a weight with which you can perform only 2-3 reps and only do one rep of it. Then, switch to a lighter weight and perform more reps.

4.      Do Partial Presses: Your triceps often fail before your chest does. By doing partial reps, you can continue to work out your chest muscles. Perform reps in the lower half of your bench press range of motion to keep pushing your chest muscles and working them out!