Fasted Cardio: Pros + Cons

If you go to the gym early in the mornings, you are bound to speak to at least one person who will tell you that they are doing “fasted cardio.” But, what does that mean and what are some of the benefits and downfalls? Read along for an explanation and the pros and cons of fasted cardio!


Fitness trainers and coaches have been using fasted cardio techniques to help their clients achieve the results that they want. This method is popular among personal trainers and fitness coaches because you don’t have to exercise more, eat less calories, or use supplements to see results. Additionally, when done correctly, fasted cardio can burn up to 20% more fat, studies have shown.


With everything, there are caveats. It may seem simple: only workout when you feel like your stomach is empty. This is a common misconception. You must workout when you are in a “fasted” state not when you feel that your stomach is “empty.” This is because in an actual fasted state, your insulin levels are low. The higher your insulin levels are, the less fat your body will burn. Gym patrons that use this method choose to do fasted cardio in the mornings to ensure that they are in a fasted state and their insulin levels are baseline.


SO to see results, be sure your body is in a fasted state! The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of fasted cardio:



  • Lose stubborn fat. As mentioned before, fasted cardio allows you to lose fat in spots where it may be difficult. For example, studies have shown that abdominal region is increased you are in a fasted state. Say “Goodbye” to that little pouch you carry underneath your belly button!
  • Your body learns quickly. Research shows that your body will learn to adapt to training in a fasted state by choosing to its glycogen stores more efficiently.



  • Your muscles may break down faster. Fasted cardio can sometimes increase muscle breakdown rates. If you damage too many muscles working out, your body will not be able to keep up with repairs, which means less muscle growth over time or even muscle loss.
  • Lackluster workouts. When you work out in a fasted state, you tend to be less energetic and have less focus. The physical and mental intensity that you are used to, will definitely be lower during this time.


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