How to grow a bigger Chest?

Want to grow a bigger and more muscular chest? Well here’s my 5 simple rules of thumb on growing your Pectoralis major and minor muscles 💪🏽 aka your “pecs” or “chest” muscles.

1. Incline above all other angles. Therefore incline bench first before flat and decline.


2. Focus on the range of motion. This will range and be determined based on the exercise you are performing. Typically you will want to have 80-100% range of motion on each exercise. I personally am a big fan of full range of motion down when benching and 80% range of motion back up so you don’t lock your elbows out but are still engaging your chest and tricep muscles.

3.  Focus on the “squeeze” aka the contraction in and contraction out. Let the pump build as you workout.


4. Lift for growth not for strength nor for your ego. There’s no need to get injured nor put your body at risk of injury.


5. Don’t be afraid to lower your weight when lifting and lift to failure at a lower and more controlled weight.


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