Benefits of Massage for Every Day people

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Have you had a massage lately? Have you implemented recovery and self-care into your fitness journey? Athletes and those who work out for fitness have sworn by massage therapy for years, providing evidence that massage improves athletic performance as well as recovery. However, there is scientific, peer-reviewed research that proves that massage therapy increases sports performance and recovery time. This research points to several different factors on how massage therapy improves performance and flexibility, shortens recovery time, reduces pain, prevents injury, and encourages focus.

Many personal training gyms, spas, and wellness centers employ a massage therapist full time.  Luckily our gym, Jungle Fitness located in Irvine, Ca has a full time massage therapist who assists with clients of all needs and goals.  Whether your goal is: Weight loss, body fat reduction, gain lean muscle, increasing strength, improving conditioning, strengthening your core, or overall health Jungle Fitness can help you and service you for your health and fitness goals.   However, since many people are not educated on the benefits of massage, many are not getting the work their body needs to perform at their highest level during their work outs.

Most athletes and people who train regularly can feel that their body is relaxed right after a massage. But, what does that exactly mean, physically? Relaxation dilates blood vessels and promotes good circulation through the body. This means more nutrients, oxygen, and water can reach the muscles (and all other tissues of the body). Also, good circulation leads to better removal of waste materials that can build up in muscles. When toxins and waste build up in muscles, over time, those areas can become trigger points, or myofascitis. Trigger points are painful areas of dysfunctional muscle tissue. Dysfunctional muscle tissue creates weakness in the muscles. Therefore, a massage can reduces muscle tension and soreness and promote faster healing and recovery. By promoting relaxation, increasing circulation, and removing trigger points, massage can make a person stronger and better in the gym.

Massage therapy has also been proven by research to promote the development of new mitochondria after a strenuous workout. Mitochondria are the “powerhouses” of cells. Mitochondria are the parts of cells that convert our food into actual energy used by the cells. The more mitochondria you have in a cell, the more that cell can make energy to be used during strenuous activity. The more energy you have at the cellular level, the more you can perform curing your training session. The key part of this particular research article was “after strenuous exercise”. The overall effect of this physical response is that massage following high-intensity activity can help build muscle tissue and make muscles perform at a higher level.

Those who are training in the gym generally train and compete at their highest levels. Massage therapy allows them to get the most from their body. Like exercise, the benefits of massage are cumulative, meaning the more often you receive massage therapy, the greater the benefit you receive.

To book a massage, please contact our in-house massage therapist Anh or one of our experienced fitness trainers to learn how massage can benefit you on your fitness journey. Also, if you are a resident in Orange County, California or anywhere near Irvine, California, come to check us out at Jungle Fitness Gym located in Irvine, Orange County, California.


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