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The holidays are almost here. Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze is over. Now it’s time to get back to work! At this time, people tend to be lazy and eat a lot. We have to slowly go back to our regimen. Here are some workouts that will get you ready for the holidays.

squats are a good way to get your legs in shape. It’s a great way to strengthen your legs so you can go out in the snow and do activities like snowboarding, skiing, etc. Since a lot of people will be traveling during the holidays, having a stronger lower body will make it easier to wait in long lines like in airports.

Nothing like good ole push-ups to build up that muscular chest! Incline, decline, fly are different variations to help build up your chest. Keeping your chest warm in the cold is crucial :).

Tricep dips
Tricep dips are a great way to get your triceps bulging. People will be able to see your results even when you’re wearing that ugly Christmas sweater.

If you’re planning to eat a lot then get ready to do some cardio to get into shape before having that huge cheat meal! Workouts like mountain climbers, suicide runs, jump ropes, and swimming will help you get ready for your ultimate cheat meal on Christmas and New Years’ day.

Get your biceps big and flexing with bicep curls. Do different variations like hammer curls, cable curls to get those bi’s pumping! Show them off during Christmas and New Years’ celebration.

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More Christmas workouts

Candy Cane
Sculpts the shadows of your A. Stand with feet in each hand with a dumbbell. Lift your right arm above your head and turn left next to you. Tilt to the left side with the heart engaged, reaching up and over the head to the right arm.

Dolphin aka Naughty or Nice
Start in the position of the forearm, keeping the hips level with the shoulder. Tones your core and shoulders.

Chestnuts aka Chest Press
Tones your chest, triceps, and glutes. Begin in a bridge position with feet firmly on the bottom and hips up. Interact with core and extend arms and press with your chest.


Tones your inner thighs, glutes, and obliques. The balance on left foot, holding a weight in your hands then slowly go down then back up.


It’s kind of like being on the snow and creating an angel. But instead, you go back up with your legs. Begin on back with arms and legs extended. exploit core to raise yourself at the bottom.  Crunch up and pull body toward legs, bending knees into the chest.

Sleigh All Day

Tones your core, biceps, and shoulders. It’s like you’re riding a sleigh and working out the same time.
Site in a V like position, holding weights. Feet is up. Arms are up. You’re basically doing a bicep curl and shoulder press all together while sitting in a V like the position for an ab workout.

There are plenty of works out you can do to get ready for the 2019 holidays.  Start working out now and get ready for Christmas and New Year. Hire a Personal trainer today!


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