Personal trainer oc – How Going to the gym Can Help

February is the time of the year when it feels like winter has been going on forever. Groundhog Day has come and gone and spring won’t hit for at least another month. If you’re not careful, this is the time of year when your fitness motivation can flag too. Since it’s most likely cold and dark outside, it can seem much easier to curl up on the couch with a cup of cocoa. However, it’s important to remember that gyms nearby are here to help you keep both your fitness and your motivation going strong. Here are just a couple of ways that a gym near year can get you through a motivation slump:

Mix It Up

If you’ve kept up with your fitness routine so far, it has become just that – routine. While it’s good to have a fitness routine, your motivation can get a definite boost when you shake things up a bit. If you always fly solo for workouts, try heading to a boot camp in Irvine. Working out with others can boost your motivation and, at the very least, you won’t want to let others catch you slacking. If you usually work out in the morning, try an evening sweat session. Another way to shake things up is to try a different workout class or even some new workout clothing.

Remember Your Why

On the days when you’re tempted to ignore your workout, remember why you started this fitness journey. Try connecting with a personal trainer in Irvine to clarify your fitness goals and remember your reason to get fit. It’s easier to run every day if you remember that you want to be able to chase your kids around the yard without getting winded. Likewise, wanting to stave off heart disease so that you can walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding will give you some great motivation as well. Don’t let the short days and low temperatures get you down. Fight the slump with a little help from a gym near you.

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