Things to Know Before You Sign Up for a Bootcamp in Irvine or Orange County 

Getting involved in a bootcamp is an enjoyable way to socialize and supercharge your fitness. You’ll learn new ways to strengthen your muscles and break a satisfying sweat. However, there are some things you should know about bootcamps before you sign up for one near you. Here are some important things you need to know before you join a bootcamp:

Build Your Base

Bootcamps are an energetic new way to take your health to the next level. It is important, though, to have an established base of fitness before you jump into a bootcamp. Make sure that you are comfortable with basic strength training moves and have been breaking a sweat consistently for 20-30 minutes several times per week before you start bootcamp. You can always check with a personal trainer in Irvine to help you make sure that you have a solid fitness foundation to build on.

Chat It Up

Before your bootcamp in Orange County starts, it’s a good idea to check in with the bootcamp instructor. You can introduce yourself, find out about the plan for today’s bootcamp and get oriented. You should also make it a priority to talk with the instructor if you have health needs for which you need to modify exercises (like an ankle that has recently recovered from a sprain). Your instructor will be able to give you guidance about modifying bootcamp exercises. Talking with the instructor about a need to modify exercises also lets him or her know that you are committed to succeeding at bootcamp. By talking with the instructor, you set yourself up well to really get the benefit of a bootcamp.

 Know If your Bootcamp is a Fit

While signing up for bootcamp is exciting, it’s important to know whether bootcamp is a good choice for you at this point. In general, those who are pregnant, over 40 or haven’t worked out in a few months may want to focus on other fitness avenues before signing up for bootcamp. You can, of course, check in with the bootcamp instructor to see if you can still participate with modifications. Depending on what your instructor says, you may want to build up to the fitness level where bootcamp is a good fit for you. As soon as you can participate, bootcamp is always a fun opportunity to amp up your fitness.