2 Important Reasons Why You Need to be Warming Up at Gyms in Irvine

There’s no doubt that you can get in a good burn when you hit the gym. However, it’s also critical that you get that burn in a way that helps your body run smoothly, rather than hurting it. If you’ve been skipping a warmup, then you may be cheating yourself out of the optimal calorie burn, the optimal workout and even your optimal health. Here are 2 major reasons to add in a 5-10 minute warmup for each workout:

Reason #1: Less Chance of Injury

Your workouts at gyms in Orange County can increase your fitness and help you to lose weight or build muscle mass. You don’t want to have to slow that momentum down due to an injury. Warming up helps to prevent injuries by gradually increasing your body temperature. This leaves your muscles warmer and more flexible so that you’re less likely to strain or tear a muscle. Warmer body temperature also means that your tendons, ligaments and joints are better prepared for your workout. All of this preparation means less injuries and more momentum for you.

Reason #2: Better Oxygen Supply

Warming up also does great things for your circulation and your bloodstream. If you’re going to bootcamp in Irvine, completing a warmup dilates your blood vessels and gradually increases the blood volume that’s moving through your body. This means that you can perform at a higher level during your boot camp because your muscles are receiving a better supply of oxygen. A better supply of oxygen means your muscles perform more efficiently and you can get in a higher calorie burn and a better workout. While warming up seems like wasted time, you won’t regret taking the time to do it.


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