Personal Trainer in Irvine – Start With These Tips to Get Back Into Your Fitness Groove

While the holidays are a great time of year, they can also have a pretty negative impact on your fitness routines. If you’ve been spending more time eating leftovers than planning your workouts, you may have lost some of your fitness mojo. Here are a couple of tips to help you get back into the swing of prioritizing your health.

 Tip #1: Start With What You Enjoy Doing 

When you are struggling to find the motivation to fit in a workout, it’s always a good idea to start with workouts you enjoy. If you enjoy going to bootcamp in Orange County, sign up for a nearby socially distanced bootcamp. Do you enjoy lifting weights? Start in the weight room when you get back to the gym. It’s much easier to ease back into exercise when you start with activities that you enjoy doing. As you get into more of an established fitness routine again, it will become easier for you to try some things that are outside of your comfort zone.

 Tip #2: Think About How You Want to Feel 

Once you begin working out again, you can start making more workout planning decisions based on how you want to feel. Your personal trainer in Orange County may recommend for you to think about how you want to feel after completing your workout. Or your trainer may recommend that you plan your workouts and your fitness routine based on how you want to feel as a person. If you want to feel accomplished and pumped up, plan a workout that challenges you and involves new skills. If you want to burn off some stress and feel peaceful afterward, choose a workout activity that is familiar. 


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