Gyms in Orange County – These 2 Questions Can Help You Decide on Your Fitness Goals

Times of transition from one year to the next cause a lot of people to think more about their health and their fitness goals. If you have been giving some thought to your goals for the next year, here are a couple of questions that you can use to inform your decision.

Question #1: At the end of the year, what will I want to say that I did? 

While the gyms in Irvine may get a lot more sign-ups over the next month, many gym-goers  don’t visit the gym with a sense of purpose. Asking yourself what you want to say that you accomplished at the end of this year can help you decide where to focus your fitness efforts. Maybe you want to say that you conquered your anxiety this year. If so, why not make it your goal to start a yoga practice? Maybe you want to say that you ran a marathon this year. If that’s what would make you feel accomplished, start looking at marathon training plans and recommit to running.

Question #2: What is bothering me the most about my fitness?

Asking yourself about things that irritate you regarding your fitness may seem strange. However, this question gives you the opportunity to make some meaningful progress in areas that are bothering you. If you’re frustrated that you always work out alone, sign up for a bootcamp in Irvine and connect with other people while you break a sweat. If you are frustrated that you have lost a lot of fitness over the past few years, commit to regaining some of that fitness this year. Working on the things that annoy you can give you a real sense of achievement.


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