Reasons Your Abs Aren’t Showing and What To Do About Them

You may be one of those people who regularly work out and want a six-pack ab. You do all of those ab exercises and follow a strict diet, but you are still not getting the desired results. Having a six-pack may be great, but building one requires a lot of hard work and the help of a personal trainer oc. You may be going about it all wrong, or you may also need to make a couple of changes in your regimen and lifestyle. Here are five reasons you may not be seeing not seeing those etched abs, and what to do about them!

Body Fat

Your body fat percentage must be very minimal for your abs to be visible. The ratio for both men and women is between 15 and 18 percent. Lower than 15% is the required perfect fat percentage if you want your 6-pack-abs to be completely noticeable. Going this low is difficult to do, and it is not recommended for most women because it can have harmful side effects.

Core Training

Just doing crunches and planks won’t get you washboard abs. You need to target all your abdominal muscles to get a defined ab shape. Your obliques and your abdomen need to be trained as well. Regularly switching up your ab workout routines should get you the desired results quicker.

Spot Training

If you think that doing a thousand crunches is enough to work out your abs, you need to think again. Spot preparation is ineffective. Training your abs would not result in defined abs. Regularly lifting weights and doing aerobic exercises should be part of your fitness routine. 

Stomach Bloating

If your stomach is bloated, your abs definitely won’t show. Bloating depends on the diet you consume – high-sodium content, sodas, or carbs all cause bloating. Your stomach gets distended, hence, your abs don’t show. Take measures to reduce your bloating and you will see a marked difference. Your abs will be visible only if you fall in the correct body fat percentage.

Different Ab Shapes

Everyone has a different body structure which causes the shape of abs to differ for everyone. The muscle structure is different and not all people have the ideal six-pack abs shape. Those who accumulate fat in their stomach find it harder for their abs to show.

Getting your abs to show requires a proper training regiment and a good diet. If you live in Orange County, this can be achieved with the help of a bootcamp irvine fitness. Our experienced and certified personal trainers at Jungle Fitness gym in Orange County will help you in your workout routine. We will help you minimize the risk of injury and also help you reach your workout goals in a swift manner.


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