Getting Back To Gym After Being Fully Vaccinated

For almost the entirety of the pandemic, gyms, indoor exercise classes have been deemed a no-go zone. They are considered a very high-risk area where you can easily catch the virus. This was mostly due to the closed space and limited ventilation and because people are breathing a lot heavier.

Once you get your vaccine shot, you can get back to getting your sweat on. So what should you do to get back to your regimen, which you followed before the pandemic? These are a few health and fitness guidelines you should follow.

Examine your health

Once you’ve had your vaccinations, it’s time to reschedule your health checks, which have been on hold for the entire year. Before you start your workout regimen, consult your doctor for a comprehensive health checkup to see if any issue needs to be addressed. Health checkup is important as you need to know if you are fit and healthy to start vigorous workouts.

Group Classes

According to the CDC, people who have been fully vaccinated can gather, meet, or work out without wearing a mask, whether it is indoors or outdoors. These guidelines include group exercise classes, such as fitness classes. So you can now join back to your yoga classes, walking groups, sports, and games. This development has given a lot of people extreme joy, where they can finally spend time with their family. 

The Gym

Gyms are still one of those semi-safe spaces that are in transition. Each bootcamp orange county facility has its own rules that need to be followed till the time everyone is vaccinated. A lot of gyms allow entry only to people who are vaccinated. If your gym does not have this policy, make sure to wear a mask and keep a hand sanitizer handy. If you are going to use the treadmill or cycling machine, see whether there is enough ventilation and there is sufficient distance between machines. Sanitize the machine before and after you use it. Cycling and running are safer forms of exercise in an open space than in an indoor space. 

Getting back to the gym might make you nervous after the pandemic. At Jungle Fitnessgyms in orange county) we make sure this transition is easy and safe. Our personal trainers in Orange County are all vaccinated and follow the COVID protocol. We have elevated our cleaning procedures to keep our facility clean at all times. Sanitizers and disinfectant sprays are kept handy in every area of the facility. Our staff follow the best practices provided by the CDC guidelines.


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