Reasons Why Your Metabolism Is Low

Metabolism is a process where calories are converted to energy by the body. Your genes, gender, and age play a big role in how fast or slow your metabolism is. Metabolism drops as you age, but it can be increased if certain habits are dropped from your routine. Low metabolism leads to fat build-up as the calories you consume are not burned up completely, which leads to weight gain. But there are few things that contribute to lowering your metabolism and dropping them will increase exponentially.

Morning Meal

Never skip a meal when you wake up. As the metabolism slows down as you sleep, eating right after you wake up will help you in burning more calories. If you miss the meal in the morning the body goes into conservation mode and will conserve energy and reduce the metabolism. A healthy breakfast will intimate to your body that there’s plenty where that came from and it can burn calories normally.


Your health is affected if you are sitting for extended periods of time. Here, your body goes into conservation mode, and your metabolism slows down. Blood sugar and blood pressure problems can also be caused by a decrease in metabolism. After every half-hour, get up and stroll about for a few minutes. A simple walk around the block every now and then is beneficial.

Strength Exercises

People focus on cardio to increase their metabolism. This is true that a higher number of calories are burned during cardio, but this elevated burn returns to normal quickly. Strength training keeps your metabolism higher for longer and due to the increase in muscle mass over time, the metabolism permanently stays high. Higher active muscle tissue is directly translated to a higher metabolic rate. You can hire a personal trainer in Orange county to help with your daily exercise routine


Stress plays a big factor in your metabolism. Cortisol is produced when your stress level rises. This cortisol increases your craving for unhealthy food and it also affects your willingness to exercise and sleep patterns. These things have a negative effect on your metabolism. Therefore, controlling your stress levels is important.

Regular exercise helps to maintain a high metabolism level. You can join our gym in Orange County – Jungle fitness. We have experienced trainers who will guide you in your fitness journey. We take care of your entire fitness schedule taking into consideration your long-term fitness goals.

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