Know-How much is too much – Your Work out plan!!

Indulging in exercise is a way of keeping self-healthy and happy. Physical exercise should be part of the daily routine, not just the task. Intending to achieve toned muscles and perfect fit, we sometimes exceed the limit of workouts and pave the way for unwanted health-related ailments.

Too much of everything can harm than good. Exercise is not an exception. It is essential to do it regularly, however knowing how much muscles stretches, Bicep curls, or how many push-ups, or other exercises one should do in a day is a critical aspect to look at.

You are physically working-out, but are not sure if you are overdoing it? Here are some cues that gyms in orange county would like you to know:

  • You are tired:  It is common to feel a little tired after your fitness classes. However, you should feel energetic after your post-workout session, like bathing, breakfast, and so on. Even after this, you are exhausted, so it is time to relook at your workout plan and reduce some exhausting exercises.
  • Muscle soreness is not letting you have a great day: Your body is the best indicator of letting you know when it needs a break. Too much exercise can cause unnecessary aches in the muscles, which is avoidable. The physical workout should bring good health and energy and not the other way around. See what can make your pain go away, sit back, and plan your workout regime accordingly.
  • Injury has been taking a toll when you work out: There is no gain without pain. But this adage is to be taken for motivation only. Pain in your lower back, Aching Knees, muscle soreness, hinky shoulders are some of the common indicators that your body is letting you know through. When you do a continuous physical workout without resting, these pains can become severe. It does not mean you should stop working out, but do alternative exercises. Like, if your knee is aching, do upper body exercises and vice versa.
  • Loss of appetite: According to the American council on exercise, overtraining can impact your food intake, i.e., lack of appetite. As we know, Exercises are a go-to solution given to reduce weight, as they can make you feel less hungry! Yes, that is true. The reason, exercise can influence two of your body’s hormones. They are Ghrelin and Peptide YY. Ghrelin is a hormone that is responsible for taking care of your appetite. On the other hand, it leads to increased levels of Peptide YY, a hormone that suppresses hunger. 

Besides, lack of concentration, Mood swinging, emotional breakdowns, the compromised immune system is some of the other outcomes of overdoing the physical exercise. 

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