Myths and facts concerning Gym

Everybody aspires to stay healthy and fit. Some take up this motto very strongly and hit the gym to work out to transform. There is a lot that goes into it. Staying fit is a journey as it requires continuous exercises and workouts. While in this journey, it is common to come across exercise-related information opinions mixed with myths and facts about how to do it, what are do’s and don’ts, and so on. 

It becomes essential to reach out and seek clarity when these opinions, which you are not sure to be True, are hampering your fitness regime. 

This article will help clear a few common myths concerning fitness activities.

  Myth 1: You should do Exercise in Empty Stomach

Wrong! It is one of the widespread statements we have heard. And few people even follow this until they have been told not to. It is believed that you will lose weight when the body fat is converted into energy when you do the physical workout on empty stomach. But wherein, the fact is, food helps you release Energy. Being energetic is the essential requirement to carry out Exercises. Exhaustion can cause dehydration, hyperglycemia, etc. It can disturb your body’s metabolism too. Hence seek advice from our personal trainers OC on diet schedule.

  • Myth 2: Effective physical workout causes pain.

True. However, it is critical to set a limit. Physical workouts do cause pain, especially if you are a beginner. Pain means the body is transforming is a common thing we have heard. However, if the pain is sharp and persistent, you better consult a doctor before going ahead with the workout regime. There is a difference between the pain of a workout against the pain of muscle or tender scar. The exercises are not tasks, they should be part of routine activity.

  • Myth 3: A break in between is not necessary

True. Your body is the best indicator in conveying restlessness. One essential thing to remember is that achieving physical fitness is not a short-term goal. Take a break when you think you need one. Don’t push your body too much. It can further increase your restlessness. A Stitch in time saves nine is an adage that suits well here. If you don’t take a 1-day break when needed, you may end up skipping two days of workout.

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