Use These Tips to Work Out Safely Now That Gyms in Orange County are Open

The opportunity to work out again in Southern California’s newly reopened gyms is exciting. However, it also presents the need to walk a fine line between breaking a sweat and risking your immune system. There’s no need to sacrifice your fitness just to avoid germs. If you take precautions, you can fit in a quality gym workout while still taking care of your immune system too. Here’s how: 

Bring Your Own…Well, Everything 

When travelling to the gym these days, it’s best to bring everything you’ll need with you. Bring your mask, since they’re required these days. It’s also helpful to have your own hand sanitizer, so that you can clean off your hands frequently and conveniently. You can also bring your own gym towel if it makes you nervous to use the ones provided by the gym. Bringing disinfectant wipes may be a good move as well. Using your wipes, you can wipe off any gym equipment that you use both before and after you use it.

Don’t Touch Your Face 

Yes, you’ve probably heard this advice hundreds of times by now. It’s still true and still very important. For as long as you’re at one of the gyms in Irvine OC, do your best to keep your hands away from your face. Masks or gloves are only effective if you’re not fiddling with them and moving them around. Any time that you touch your face, you transfer particles from a multitude of the surfaces you’ve touched recently. Even if you’re breaking a sweat during your workout, keep your hands off your face to prevent exposing yourself to germs.

Choose Your Workout Wisely 

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to pick your workout activity well. If you’re participating in a group workout such as a bootcamp in Orange County, take care to follow proper social distancing protocols and stay at least 6 feet away from other people. One of the safer workout ideas is to stick to solo workouts for the time being. You can get a good workout by picking one piece of cardio equipment (like the elliptical) and sticking with it. Naturally, make sure to clean equipment before and after you use it. By incorporating these ideas, you can get in a workout that’s both high quality and safe.


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