How to Make Your Workouts at Gyms in Irvine Happen When Temperatures are Sweltering

Even though gyms throughout Orange County are beginning to reopen, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are encountering other problems – mainly, hot weather sapping them of all motivation to work out. If you’re struggling to get off of the couch and break a sweat due to the weather, there are a few tricks you can employ to stay fit and stay (relatively cool). Try these ideas to keep your workout routine intact without feeling completely miserable in the heat:

Take it Inside

If you are following a specific training plan or preparing for a fitness competition, it’s unlikely that you can change up your entire workout routine. If you have a set number of miles to run or reps you need to lift, head to one of the gyms in Orange County so you can complete your workout in an air-conditioned environment. With air quality fluctuating and temperatures skyrocketing, it’s just safer to hit the treadmill or the indoor weights if you’re fitting your workout in during the middle of the day. Opting for an indoor workout helps you to follow your fitness plan without ending up with heat exhaustion. 

Get Outdoor Workouts Done Early – or Late

For the times when you’re going to be heading outside to break a sweat, plan to do it during the margins of the day (early morning or in the evening). Temperatures are lower at these times and you’ll be able to get your workout in more easily. If you’re attending a bootcamp in Irvine, find either an early or a late one. If you’re loving having an outdoor yoga practice, roll out your yoga mat during these cooler times of the day. By picking workout times well, you can stay fit without feeling too sweat-drenched.


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