Why Am I Unable To Keep My Weight Off?

Losing weight is not the difficult part, keeping it off is the part that can get tricky. A lifestyle change is what is essentially required to keep your weight under control. A whole load of crash diets and workout routines can help you lose some weight, but most people gain it back when they stop. There can be various reasons why this is happening. Let us have a look at a few bootcamp orange county services.


A good diet with essential nutrition is very important to keep the weight off. What you eat is the most important factor in your weight loss journey. You need to skip the sauces and keep your sweet cravings to a minimum. A diet with regular protein intake should be a part of your daily intake. Also, try and reduce sodium intake to minimize bloating.

Working Out

Another reason why most people don’t lose weight is that they don’t exercise enough. Not exercising enough reduces your metabolism. Movement is important, as it increases your metabolism, and your body burns more calories at rest as well. As you work out regularly, and regulate your diet, your junk food cravings will reduce, and your body will start craving proper meals. 


The current diet that you are following may be too hard to follow. Are you following a calorie deficit diet? Is your goal lower than half your daily recommended calorie intake? This type of diet is very hard to follow as it increases your cravings. You will be hungry all the time and once you stop the diet, all the weight which you had lost will be back.

Controlling Your Portion

You must limit the amount of servings you eat. You may be unaware that, despite the fact that you use olive oil in your cooking, it includes a lot of calories. Sauces and oil are high in calories, so use as little as possible. Ingredients in your food might be increasing the calories that you eat. 

Maintaining weight loss includes a proper fitness routine and a healthy diet. You can join Jungle Fitness that has gyms in orange county. You can take the assistance of a personal trainer in Orange County or Irvine. Jungle Fitness’ professional and trained personal trainers will assist you with your workout regimen. We will assist you in reducing the chances of injuries while still achieving your workout objectives in a timely manner.


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