New to the Gym? Follow The Basic Gym Etiquettes

If you are new to gyms in Orange County, everything may appear daunting. You may feel out of place and uncertain about the unspoken rules. Your first gym experience will be a breeze if you follow a few easy recommendations, and you’ll fit right in. So, let’s go through some gym etiquette to bear in mind.

Ask First

If you want to use a machine or exercise equipment and see someone nearby working out, ask them if you could use it. Please don’t go over and just pick out the plates or dumbbells nearby without letting them know. This is rude and can also lead to problems, especially if they are lifting heavy weights and getting distracted.

Always Put Your Weights Back

This is a pet peeve for most gym-goers when they see plates and dumbbells just lying around strewn all over the gym. A lot of people just use the weights and leave them there when done. It is also very dangerous as anyone can trip and get injured. If you leave the weight plates on the machine after you use it, it will take a long time for the next user to unrack them all after you.

Use a Towel

The gym can be a very easy place to get an infection. Because you sweat while working out, there are bound to be germs everywhere. Moreover, so many people use equipment that you may be about to use. They might have a cold and those viruses can spread. Bring a towel from home. Make sure you use your towel to sanitize the equipment before you use it and also clean your sweat off after you use them.

Don’t Use The Equipment For Too Long

This is common courtesy during peak hours at the gym. If you monopolize the equipment, others cannot use it and it wastes their time. Popular equipment like dumbbells and treadmills should be used for a shorter time so that the waiting queue isn’t too long. Please don’t exercise a monopoly over the equipment and be the reason for the bootcamp orange county goer’s discontent.

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