First 3 Things You Need to Tell Your Personal Trainer in Orange County Once You Get Back to the Gym

As Southern California gyms are reopening, many people’s gym memberships are starting to get some use again. Maybe you managed to stick to your regular workout routine from home. Or maybe, like the majority of people, you struggled to find a routine in the midst of the “new normal.” Once you can get back to your personal trainer, it’s important to let him or her know how things have been going. Here are the first 3 things to include:

How Much You’ve Really Been Working Out

Your trainer needs to know the truth about how your fitness routine has been functioning during quarantine. A personal trainer in Irvine can get you to your fitness goals, but only if he or she knows where you’re starting from. If you claim that you’ve been working out 5 days a week when you’ve really been breaking a sweat only twice, your trainer won’t be able to give you a workout plan that actually makes sense for your fitness level.

What Your Biggest Quarantine Fitness Struggle Has Been

The past few months have thrown just about everyone for a loop. And, while everyone has struggled, not everyone has struggled with the same things. A personal trainer in OC can customize your workout plan to you, and knowing what your biggest problem has been can be valuable info to help with your plan’s customization. Did you have absolutely no motivation to workout? Let your personal trainer know. Did you have a major bout of stress eating that derailed your diet habits? All of this information is helpful to your personal trainer as you resume your fitness work.

What Your Biggest Goal Is Now

Since the lockdown over the past couple of months, many people have had time to rethink their goals. Many people have also had to completely reconfigure how they live and work as well. These changes may have meant that you’d like to adjust your fitness goals. If you want to change a few things, this is a good time to tell your trainer about that. Your personal trainer can help to get you back into a fitness routine that builds toward your goals. By sharing this info with your trainer, you can make sure your fitness plan fits you.


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