Returning Safely To The Gym In 2021

Covid has put many of your fitness goals on a backburner. Now with gyms opening up, you can slowly start your fitness journey, once again. Getting back into gyms again safely and taking measures to minimize your risk of catching the virus should be your top priority. 

Let’s have a look at a few tips and measures that you can adopt when you get back to the gym.

Choosing the gym

You need to check out the facilities of the gym and weigh your options. See whether they are following the protocols laid out by the Centre For Disease Control. Are they following the routine temperature checks, checking for your symptoms? Do they follow the masking protocol and social distancing? If the personal trainers at OC are following COVID protocols?

If the gym offers online classes as an option, that’s a great deal too. This will give you the choice to attend virtual classes from your home on a couple days and attend the gym on certain others, which will minimize your risk. 


Once you are at the gym, make sure that you are wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times. It sure is uncomfortable, but it will not only protect you but also others around you from COVID. There has been a study that masking does not impact the heart rate, BP, and oxygen saturation of healthy individuals significantly. It is a good practice to bring disposable masks with you and change them routinely.

Social Distancing

Avoid areas of the gym with a high volume of foot traffic so that you can avoid catching the virus. Being in areas and using machines where there is least crowded environment is essential. Avoid going into the gym at peak hours and ask the staff when the gym is relatively empty so you can do your workout more freely.


Avoid drinking the water from the filter installed at the gym as it is used by a lot of people.

Bring your own water from home so that you can make sure it is safe. 

Cleaning Equipment

Although sanitizers are provided in the gym, to be safe, bring wet wipes to clean your workout equipment before and after you complete it. You will be less likely to catch or spread the virus as a result of this.

These suggestions will assist you in getting back on track at the gym in a safe manner. At Jungle Fitness, our gym in Orange County, we strictly adhere to the CDC standards and follow social distancing norms. Come and see for yourself.


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