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Learn the best compound workout for beginners or those who are rejoining their fitness routine after a long and tiresome lockdown. 

What Are Compound Exercises?

Compound workouts are at the core of a variety of wellness plans. They are exercises that work on multiple muscles at the same time. Bench press, push-up, squat, row, and lunge are all compound exercises. These exercises engage your entire core upper body as well as lower body whilst you do the exercise. Training multiple muscles at once gives your body a better workout and is an efficient use of your time in the gym.

The best compound exercises are:

Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is a basic movement of the body that strengthens and tones the lower body. It is the basis for developing strength and helps to build up proper mobility. If you want to ever be able to start doing barbell squats, starting out with the bodyweight variation is the start.

The Push-Up

The Push-up is a great exercise but it can be intimidating. It works a lot of vital muscles, and once you finish it makes you feel pretty accomplished. If your upper-body strength is not as developed as your lower-body strength it can be a tough exercise to perform. Learning to do a push up can completely transform your body.

The Inverted Bodyweight Row

The inverted row is the best workout for your pull muscles – back muscles, biceps, forearm, and all the stabilizer muscles. It is a core training staple that can build both the size and strength in your back without having to pick up additional weights. When you master the inverted row, your lats will increase fairly quickly and result in a bigger and functionally stronger back.

The Pull-Up

The pull-up is always overwhelming for a lot of people. Very few workouts can strengthen your whole upper body, core, and enhance your balance, the way classic pull ups can do. It’s one of the most significant building block workouts in the gym, useful to all, including bodybuilders and general fitness enthusiasts.

Bodyweight Dip

Bodyweight dip is an effective, multiple joint exercise and is considered one of the best bodyweight exercises you can do. The exercise is ideal for building muscle mass and strength in both the chest and the arms.

If you want an exact blueprint for working out, join Jungle Fitness, one of the best gyms in Orange county and let our personal trainers in Irvine help you on your way to your fitness goals. 


Want to feel more energetic, fitter, and happier – workout regularly. Physical exercise is a critical aspect of fitness and well-being. Sure, it can improve your physical health and even add years to your life. You also feel more energetic throughout the day and feel more relaxed and positive. 

Exercise is known to benefit both physical health and mental health. Check out these seven ways regular exercise benefits your body.

Exercise Helps Improve Health Conditions  

Daily exercise is beneficial for your overall health, especially your heart health, in addition to managing your diabetes. You can also manage many health problems – depression, anxiety, many types of cancer, arthritis, blood pressure, cholesterol, and more.

Exercise is Great for Your Brain Health

Multiple studies have concluded that regular exercise leads to less depression, a sharper memory, and faster learning. Both physical and mental activity protects your cognitive skills, potentially lowering dementia risk. After a good workout, your mood also tends to improve.  

Exercise for a Glowing Skin

Cardio exercises increase circulation, spreading oxygen, and nutrients to the skin, and in-turn improves skin health and helps in the healing of wounds. Regular exercise also stimulates the body to produce the skin’s natural oils, which improve your complexion and helps your skin become smooth and supple.

Exercise Induces Weight Loss  

A regular workout routine complemented with the right diet plan is the quickest way for your body to lose weight and reshape. Cardio and strength training routines help rebuild your muscles while your body repairs the tears that occur when you lift weights, in-turn creating lean muscles.  

Exercise Good for Your Bone Health 

Exercise is important for treating and preventing bone-related problems such as osteoporosis. Exercise also improves coordination, balance and increases muscle strength, thereby improving overall health. Resistance and weight-bearing exercises like walking, jogging, hiking, climbing stairs, etc., work wonders for your bones.  

Exercise Helps Regulate Your Sleep 

Exercise helps with increasing sleep efficiency and sleep quality. Studies have shown that exercise enables people with insomnia to fall asleep faster and have better sleep quality. Daytime drowsiness is also reduced, and you don’t have to depend on sleep medications anymore.

Exercise Boosts Energy

If you are feeling low and tired throughout the day, try exercising. Regular, consistent exercise will slowly improve your mood and body endurance, making you feel energetic. Exercise delivers oxygen to all parts of your body and helps your cardio system work more efficiently.

You can start with a shorter workout time and slowly increase the fitness regimen. Taking the first step to fitness is half the battle won. Jungle Fitness and our personal trainers in Irvine can help achieve your fitness goals.


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How to Keep Your Workouts Warm at Gyms in Irvine

As the temperatures cool off here in Southern California, your workout motivation may be sinking as well. It can be tough to brave the cold in order to keep up your fitness habit. Especially since many gyms in Orange County are operating outdoors right now, you’ll be feeling the cold temperatures for your workout. If the winter weather has you in a slump, here are a couple of tips that will help you keep your workout from being a cold, miserable slog.

Build in Extra Warm Up Time

The cooler the weather is outside, the longer your body will need to warm up in order to perform effectively during your workout. Your standard warm-up should take you about ten to fifteen minutes, so adding in an extra five minutes or so will help to get your blood pumping faster. You can start off by walking around the area where you’ll be working out and performing some exercises that will help to activate the muscles you’ll be using for your workout. The more prepared your body is, the better you will feel once you’re breaking a sweat.

Add in Extra Layers

Another nifty way to make sure your workout doesn’t freeze you out is to start your workout at a Bootcamp in Irvine by wearing extra layers. As you get warmer and your body’s core temperature rises during the workout, you can remove layers as you feel comfortable. The added layers help your body to feel warmer at the start of your fitness activity so that the urge to head home and climb back into bed lessens. No matter what tricks you’re using to make your winter workouts bearable, the time and effort will be well worth it later on.

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Times of transition from one year to the next cause a lot of people to think more about their health and their fitness goals. If you have been giving some thought to your goals for the next year, here are a couple of questions that you can use to inform your decision.

Question #1: At the end of the year, what will I want to say that I did? 

While the gyms in Irvine may get a lot more sign-ups over the next month, many gym-goers  don’t visit the gym with a sense of purpose. Asking yourself what you want to say that you accomplished at the end of this year can help you decide where to focus your fitness efforts. Maybe you want to say that you conquered your anxiety this year. If so, why not make it your goal to start a yoga practice? Maybe you want to say that you ran a marathon this year. If that’s what would make you feel accomplished, start looking at marathon training plans and recommit to running.

Question #2: What is bothering me the most about my fitness?

Asking yourself about things that irritate you regarding your fitness may seem strange. However, this question gives you the opportunity to make some meaningful progress in areas that are bothering you. If you’re frustrated that you always work out alone, sign up for a bootcamp in Irvine and connect with other people while you break a sweat. If you are frustrated that you have lost a lot of fitness over the past few years, commit to regaining some of that fitness this year. Working on the things that annoy you can give you a real sense of achievement.

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While the holidays are a great time of year, they can also have a pretty negative impact on your fitness routines. If you’ve been spending more time eating leftovers than planning your workouts, you may have lost some of your fitness mojo. Here are a couple of tips to help you get back into the swing of prioritizing your health.

 Tip #1: Start With What You Enjoy Doing 

When you are struggling to find the motivation to fit in a workout, it’s always a good idea to start with workouts you enjoy. If you enjoy going to bootcamp in Orange County, sign up for a nearby socially distanced bootcamp. Do you enjoy lifting weights? Start in the weight room when you get back to the gym. It’s much easier to ease back into exercise when you start with activities that you enjoy doing. As you get into more of an established fitness routine again, it will become easier for you to try some things that are outside of your comfort zone.

 Tip #2: Think About How You Want to Feel 

Once you begin working out again, you can start making more workout planning decisions based on how you want to feel. Your personal trainer in Orange County may recommend for you to think about how you want to feel after completing your workout. Or your trainer may recommend that you plan your workouts and your fitness routine based on how you want to feel as a person. If you want to feel accomplished and pumped up, plan a workout that challenges you and involves new skills. If you want to burn off some stress and feel peaceful afterward, choose a workout activity that is familiar. 

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There’s no doubt that you can get in a good burn when you hit the gym. However, it’s also critical that you get that burn in a way that helps your body run smoothly, rather than hurting it. If you’ve been skipping a warmup, then you may be cheating yourself out of the optimal calorie burn, the optimal workout and even your optimal health. Here are 2 major reasons to add in a 5-10 minute warmup for each workout:

Reason #1: Less Chance of Injury

Your workouts at gyms in Orange County can increase your fitness and help you to lose weight or build muscle mass. You don’t want to have to slow that momentum down due to an injury. Warming up helps to prevent injuries by gradually increasing your body temperature. This leaves your muscles warmer and more flexible so that you’re less likely to strain or tear a muscle. Warmer body temperature also means that your tendons, ligaments and joints are better prepared for your workout. All of this preparation means less injuries and more momentum for you.

Reason #2: Better Oxygen Supply

Warming up also does great things for your circulation and your bloodstream. If you’re going to bootcamp in Irvine, completing a warmup dilates your blood vessels and gradually increases the blood volume that’s moving through your body. This means that you can perform at a higher level during your boot camp because your muscles are receiving a better supply of oxygen. A better supply of oxygen means your muscles perform more efficiently and you can get in a higher calorie burn and a better workout. While warming up seems like wasted time, you won’t regret taking the time to do it.

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Health and fitness are a wide and varied field. There are so many areas where you could seek to make changes that it can feel overwhelming to decide how you want to shake up your routine. If your routine is feeling a bit blah these days, there are some great (and easy) ways to mix things up. Here are some simple ways to improve and get out of a fitness rut:

Build Your Balance

Your body’s balance relies on your core muscles, as well as on a host of small accessory muscles. Training your balance specifically means that you prepare your body for better posture and stability. These skills are especially important if you participate frequently in workouts that involve spending time balanced on one foot. As your personal trainer in Orange County will tell you, these activities can often include basketball and running. Spending time completing strength work on one leg can help to build your balance and help you to perform better at the balance-dependent activities that you enjoy.

Fine Tune Your Post-Workout Recovery

Another aspect of fitness that is easy to improve is your recovery routine. Your personal trainer in OC can give you advice as far as the best ways to refuel and recover after your specific workout. The way in which you recover will depend heavily on the type of workout you completed, as well as the length and intensity of your workout. In general, it’s best to make sure that you give your body time to cool down. For longer workouts, it’s also helpful to take time to rehydrate and grab a nutritious snack. When you cool down and refuel, your body can start muscle recovery more quickly and effectively.

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It’s no secret that this year hasn’t gone as planned for anyone. No matter how well you planned your goals when this year started, there’s no way that you could have foreseen the events of 2020. If 2020 has you feeling a bit defeated and off your game, you’re not alone. However, there are some concrete steps you can take now to still finish the last quarter of 2020 strong. Here are some actionable ideas:

Prioritize the Workouts That Help You Bust Your Stress 

If you’ve been majorly overwhelmed by stress and anxiety this year, your fitness routine may need to be a significant source of self-care for you. Think about the types of workout activities that leave you feeling the most peaceful afterward. Once you know the activity that helps you battle stress most effectively, make plans to head to one of the gyms in Irvine and fit in that workout. Maybe a solid session on a rowing machine leaves you feeling cool and calm afterward. Perhaps it’s a great cycling workout. Whatever helps you the most, give that workout activity first priority during this tough time.

Head for the Next Level 

Maybe you don’t have time to completely overhaul your fitness routine before this year is over, but you can implement some smaller changes and still have time for them to stick. Pick one area in which you’d like to improve and pick a next step that you could take in that area. If you’d like to be able to build lean muscle, try signing up for a bootcamp in Irvine. You’ll be able to work on your strength and gain ideas from the instructor to further your fitness. These small steps can help you end the year well.

Picking the right gym

Are you looking for a gym? You have to fish it out one special Gyms Irvine that will cater to your needs. Since there are several gyms available, you have to select the ideal gym that will suit your needs. Let’ see here the checklist so that you make the best decision for you.


The location of the Gyms Orange County must be closer to your home so that you can work out 2-3 times a week. If it is away then you will have to depend on public transport, delays, traffic jams, etc. will make you feel uncomfortable going to the gym which will decrease the need for visiting the gym for your fitness training.


Check whether Gyms Irvine has all the equipment you want to train yourself. You should also know whether you want to hear loud music or you want to exercise without any music. You must ensure that the gym has all the equipment that is needed for the training.

Showers and Changing Room:

Once you are finished with your workout, you may want to change your clothes or want to get under the shower. See to that your gym has these facilities. You can ask for one sample free trial and you can use the gym and feel how it is. If you find anything uncomfortable then you can change the gym.


The first people you meet at your gym are the reception people. See whether they are friendly to you. Ensure that they are warm, friendly and knowledgeable. These are very important as you will be interacting with them frequently. The next thing you have to check for is the gym trainer and personal trainer. See whether they are available, attentive, and approachable. When these people are friendly, chatty and nice to you, then your experience in the gym is ideal.

Cost and Contract:

You must know about the contract and for what all will be covered in it. Extra costs for towels, sauna, etc. Know about the cancellation policy. In case you are ill can you freeze your gym activities, until you become alright. You should know whether you can use any other gym in the chain, etc.

Additional Facilities:

What are all the additional facilities available like swimming pool? If you don’t want to go swimming then it is ideal to go for the gym without one as you can save on cost for this amenity.

Thus, do a detailed study of your Gyms Orange County and then join in for your regular classes.

Here’s how to find the perfect personal trainer for you

We all want to remain fit. Then it is ideal to work out with a Personal Trainer Irvine. You could use a little push and sometimes better ideas. There are some days during which you don’t want to do anything and have someone to get you through is what you ideally want. Under the circumstances, working with a right Personal Trainer Orange County is a good idea as he will keep you on track and will not allow you to wander. Let’s see here how to find the trainer who will suit your needs.

First of all, decide on your goal. Know exactly what you want before start looking for the trainer. Your goals might vary as to losing the extra kg, tone up, gain muscle or excel in the sport that you have taken up. You might also have the list of other things you would want to achieve. When you tell the trainer, he will help in accomplishing both the main goals, as well as, the other goals.
If you are already working out in the gym, you can ask for the personal trainer OC. But it has its own drawback as in the gym there will be too many numbers of people working out and you may not find someone exclusive for you. Nowadays, the personal trainer is advertising on the internet as well as in the print media. Select someone after doing thorough research.
It is ideal to have a one to one interview to know about Personal Trainer Irvine. Like you will get to know what services they offer and rate for the same. You can compare these rates with other. Check for the Nationally Recognized Fitness Certification (NSAM, NSCA, ACE, etc). Otherwise, they must have a degree in exercise science field or kinesiology. They can teach you and guide you safely are of utmost importance. Check also whether they offer any special prices, packages, etc.

Thus, after serious checks and on your satisfaction you can go in for Personal Trainer Orange County.

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While this new school year is an opportunity to regain a feeling of normalcy, it will probably add a lot of restrictions to your schedule again. If you’ve been enjoying making your fitness plans with a very free schedule, it may be tough to adjust back to the schedule of the school year. However, your personal trainer can help you make the change easier. Here are a few ways they can help:

They Help You Pick Your Fall Fitness Focus

A busier schedule means that you’ll need to prioritize what your goals are and narrow your fitness focus, at least for now. A personal trainer in Orange County can chat with you about the achievements that you’d like to have under your belt at the end of this year. He or she can also help you decide what’s most important to you and pick what to focus on first. Once you know your focus, you can work around your schedule to do workouts that meet your goals. It’s true that you can do just about anything, but you can’t do everything all at once.

They Help You Fit in the Fun

While the school year is a time to renew your focus, it can also be an opportunity for fun. Your personal trainer in OC can help you find fun fitness activities that you can participate in, whether they’re socially distanced or virtual. When you let your trainer know what works with your schedule, he or she may know of some fun activity ideas right off the bat. Whether you want to sign up for additional activities or not, your personal trainer can help you prioritize the workouts that you most enjoy doing.

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Even though gyms throughout Orange County are beginning to reopen, fitness enthusiasts everywhere are encountering other problems – mainly, hot weather sapping them of all motivation to work out. If you’re struggling to get off of the couch and break a sweat due to the weather, there are a few tricks you can employ to stay fit and stay (relatively cool). Try these ideas to keep your workout routine intact without feeling completely miserable in the heat:

Take it Inside

If you are following a specific training plan or preparing for a fitness competition, it’s unlikely that you can change up your entire workout routine. If you have a set number of miles to run or reps you need to lift, head to one of the gyms in Orange County so you can complete your workout in an air-conditioned environment. With air quality fluctuating and temperatures skyrocketing, it’s just safer to hit the treadmill or the indoor weights if you’re fitting your workout in during the middle of the day. Opting for an indoor workout helps you to follow your fitness plan without ending up with heat exhaustion. 

Get Outdoor Workouts Done Early – or Late

For the times when you’re going to be heading outside to break a sweat, plan to do it during the margins of the day (early morning or in the evening). Temperatures are lower at these times and you’ll be able to get your workout in more easily. If you’re attending a bootcamp in Irvine, find either an early or a late one. If you’re loving having an outdoor yoga practice, roll out your yoga mat during these cooler times of the day. By picking workout times well, you can stay fit without feeling too sweat-drenched.


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With gyms in the orange county closed again, you’re probably facing a few different challenges when it comes to working out. Naturally, you don’t have access to gym equipment. However, one of the biggest drawbacks to gyms being closed is the lack of motivation that you get from going to the gym. Nevertheless, there are some ways that you can manage to stay motivated even when the gym is inaccessible. Here’s how:

Trick #1: Remember Why You’re Doing This

When you meet with a personal trainer in Irvine, your trainer will probably ask you why you want to work out. Your reason for getting fit is closely tied to your goals and helps you to stay motivated. Take some time to think about why you want to stay in your fitness routine. Once you know what your reasoning is, make it as visible as possible. Write it on a note and stick it to your bathroom mirror. Make your phone’s wallpaper. Being constantly reminded of your reason for getting fit will help you stay motivated.

Trick #2: Curate a Killer Playlist

One of the reasons why attending a bootcamp in Irvine is so motivating is that your instructor probably has a rocking playlist for each class. While you may not be able to go to bootcamp orange county right now, you can set aside some time to put together a playlist of the songs that leave you feeling strong and ready to break a sweat. You can even build playlists for different types of workouts if you want. Once you have your beats ready to blast, it’ll be hard to sit still.

Trick #3: Treat Yourself During or After Your Workout

If the first two tricks didn’t work for you, why not bribe yourself? You can pair your workout with a special treat. This means indulging in a binge-worthy TV show while you’re running on the treadmill, or saving your favorite podcast for while you’re strength training. You can also find a reward to give yourself once you complete your workout. This works best if your reward isn’t food-related, so plan to take a nice bath after your workout. Or settle in to read a favorite book once you’ve broken a sweat. With these tips, you’ll be able to keep motivation high until you can get back into the gym.

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The last few months have been quite the roller coaster for nearby gyms and fitness centers. If you have struggled when your local gym was closed for a while, you’re not alone. However, you may be starting to get more opportunities to see your personal trainer, whether that be in person or virtually. Here are some ways that your trainer can help you make fitness progress again after the past few eventful months:

They Can Give You a Plan Based on Your Current Fitness

Maybe you stuck to your regular workout schedule when gyms were closed. Then again, maybe you hung out on the couch and finished off entire bags of chips in one sitting. Either way, your personal trainer irvine can find out how you’ve been doing as far as fitness. Then, he or she can give you a plan that will help you to make progress without going too quickly and getting injured. Letting your trainer guide your workout plan helps you to move forward safely.

They Can Guide You to More Fitness Opportunities

If you’ve been looking for some opportunities to shake up your fitness routine, check with your trainer. Your trainer may know about a socially distanced bootcamp in Orange County or a nearby virtual race that’s happening soon. Just because many things are shut down right now doesn’t mean that everything is shut down. If anyone would know where to find more opportunities for new workouts, your personal trainer would. If you’re looking to stay close to home, you can also ask your personal trainer to recommend some fitness videos to help supplement your workout routine from the comfort of your home.

They Can Help You Plan for the Unexpected

There’s no question that unexpected things happen, especially in the light of this year’s events. Your personal trainer in OC can help you develop a strategy for overcoming fitness obstacles, even if you encounter challenges. He or she can help you to stay motivated if the half marathon you signed up for is canceled or your next competition doesn’t happen. By asking your trainer for some ideas, you can get expert advice and insight that will help you to feel more prepared when circumstances change. And, since many areas of life are ever-changing right now, having a plan will be tremendously valuable.

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As the weather gets warmer, it’s starting to feel more fun to hang out with friends outside again. Since the weather is so nice outside, it’s also starting to feel like a good season to go out with friends rather than stay in. The problem here is that too much social time can really mess with your fitness routine. If you want to achieve a balance of workout time and social time, you’ll have to be intentional about how you plan both of them. Here are a few ideas to make the most of both your social time and your workout time:

Hit the Road (or the Trail) Together

For a super easy workout, head outside for a walk or run together. You can meet at your house or your friend’s and choose your preferred route. Walking and running near your house takes almost no advance planning. Walking or running with a friend provides the perfect chance to chat and catch up about what’s going on in your lives right now. It also affords both of you the opportunity to get out in nature and soak up the outdoors.

Go to a Bootcamp Together

You and your friends can get outside and get a quality workout with a bootcamp irvine fitness. Bootcamps are a great way to take your workout to the next level. You get to follow along with the instructor, so you don’t have to decide what to do for your workout, and you get to spend this time with your friends. As a bonus, you may even get to take your workout outside (depending on the bootcamp orange county and the location you sign up for).

Work Out Together at the Gym

If your friend is game to join you at the gym, you can both get a really effective calorie burn. You can spot each other for weights or run on treadmills next to each other. You could also switch things up by making an appointment for the two of you with a personal trainer in Irvine to get a whole new level of sweat going. Working on your health is always a valuable use of time, and it’s so much more encouraging when you don’t have to do it alone. By adding social time to your workouts, you can feel closer to both your fitness goals and your friends.