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People who want to stay fit always keep a track of the calories they consume daily and look out for the number of calories that they burn during their workouts. It’s a known fact that burning more calories than you consume every day will expedite your weight loss. Let’s look at the exercises that can help burn the most calories or you can get a personal trainer in Irvine to guide you. These can help you make the most of the time that you work out.

High Knee Running

It gets your heart pumping fast. It is a heavy cardio exercise that strengthens your lower body too. High knee running can burn a lot of calories in a short space of time and can be done at home too. You can stand in one place and lift your knees high while you run in place. Push your arms up and down as you do this exercise.

Mountain Climbing

This can be put under the category of a full-body workout. It burns a high number of calories and works on your lower body, midsection, and arms. Start in a plank position and then push your knee up towards your chest area. You will need to alternate between the knees while your core is tight. Do it correctly to gain the most benefit.

Jumping Jacks

Most fitness coaches like this one since it’s simple to execute and provides a fundamental cardio exercise that anybody can do. It is easy to do at home and requires no special equipment. Begin with your feet together in a standing stance. Then spring up, widening your legs and raising your arms above your head. After that, thrust your legs back and your arms down. Repeat as many times as you want. This exercise will get your adrenaline pumping and raise your heart rate.


You must be wondering why this is on the list. But walking is considered one of the best exercises to burn calories. It is easy, convenient, and beneficial for our bodies. Check your heart rate to find your heart-burning zone (60-70% of your max heart rate) to get the full-fat burning benefit of walking. This is not a stroll around the park; you must walk briskly and maintain a high heart rate.  

Want to lose weight and meet your fitness goals? Join Jungle Fitness gym in Irvine, Orange County. Our fitness experts can help you on your fitness journey. Give us a call today.

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If you are new to gyms in Orange County, everything may appear daunting. You may feel out of place and uncertain about the unspoken rules. Your first gym experience will be a breeze if you follow a few easy recommendations, and you’ll fit right in. So, let’s go through some gym etiquette to bear in mind.

Ask First

If you want to use a machine or exercise equipment and see someone nearby working out, ask them if you could use it. Please don’t go over and just pick out the plates or dumbbells nearby without letting them know. This is rude and can also lead to problems, especially if they are lifting heavy weights and getting distracted.

Always Put Your Weights Back

This is a pet peeve for most gym-goers when they see plates and dumbbells just lying around strewn all over the gym. A lot of people just use the weights and leave them there when done. It is also very dangerous as anyone can trip and get injured. If you leave the weight plates on the machine after you use it, it will take a long time for the next user to unrack them all after you.

Use a Towel

The gym can be a very easy place to get an infection. Because you sweat while working out, there are bound to be germs everywhere. Moreover, so many people use equipment that you may be about to use. They might have a cold and those viruses can spread. Bring a towel from home. Make sure you use your towel to sanitize the equipment before you use it and also clean your sweat off after you use them.

Don’t Use The Equipment For Too Long

This is common courtesy during peak hours at the gym. If you monopolize the equipment, others cannot use it and it wastes their time. Popular equipment like dumbbells and treadmills should be used for a shorter time so that the waiting queue isn’t too long. Please don’t exercise a monopoly over the equipment and be the reason for the bootcamp orange county goer’s discontent.

Do you want to join a gym and need a fitness trainer to guide you? At Jungle Fitness, you can hire one of our personal trainers in Orange County to assist you in completing your daily workouts. They collaborate with you to determine your objectives and assist you in developing a strategy to attain them. Don’t lose any more time and give us a call right now.

personal trainer orange county

One of the most fundamental and effective cardio activities that are most popular is running. It is the simplest cardiovascular workout that does not necessitate the use of any equipment. All you need to invest in is a good pair of running shoes, and the correct amount of motivation to get started. 

Running is also beneficial to your general health. It raises healthy cholesterol levels in the body, enhances lung function, and improves blood circulation. Running lowers your risk of developing serious illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It has been shown to boost mood, reduce stress, and aid with anxiety and depression. When it comes to yodeling, there are a few things to keep in mind.  

Start Slow

If you are new to running, the best way to start is to take it slow. You might have the motivation to start quickly and go on a long run, but your body might not be ready to do that yet.  You will need to improve your physical strength and stamina before you give it your all. Start your first mile at a conversational pace. This will reduce the risk of injury and overexertion. Starting slowly and steadily is the best way to avoid becoming too tired and losing motivation to go for that run the next day.

Never Forget Warm-Ups are Important

Stretching your muscles before your run is essential. A lot of people skip the warm-up owing to sheer ignorance or laziness. If you don’t warm up properly, you risk pulling a muscle or you might even incur cramps and soreness. Basic exercises and stretches for the hips, arms, quads, and hamstrings should be performed so that your body prepares itself for the run.

Rest Is Important

Earmarking rest days and intervals in your running routine are extremely important. The rest time helps your body recoup and rebuild the muscles, and prepares them for the next run. While your heart prepares itself for the heavy load it encounters during the run. Timely rest days will give your body the time to heal and reduce the exhaustion you feel, after your regular runs. Your muscles will thank you and during the rest phase, they will repair and develop too.

Running is a great workout and if you want to reduce your body fat, you need to do strength training. At Jungle Fitness, our personal trainer orange county can give you a complete workout and diet plan. Visit us or give us a call and we will assist you with bootcamp orange county.


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“Lose 10lbs in a week”. You see these kinds of advertisements everywhere. But is it really possible to lose so much weight in such a short period of time?  Well, there are a number of factors that contribute to losing weight. People want to lose weight and assume fat loss to be the same thing. Our bodies include a variety of substances such as fat, water, and muscle. 

Losing weight depends on your body metabolism, exercise, and body type. You need to reduce weight while maintaining muscle mass. But, how do you do it?

It’s simple science: you need to consume fewer calories than you burn to generate a calorie deficit. When your body doesn’t acquire enough energy from what you eat, it turns to your stored fat cells for energy, thereby lowering your fat level.

Optimum weight can be achieved by a combination of diet and exercise. Adding exercise to your fat-burning regimen will expedite the weight loss process even further. A calorie deficit alone will burn both fat and muscle. Follow these guidelines to avoid losing muscle mass while reducing your intake of fat.

Don’t Reduce Your Calorie Intake By A Lot

A high-calorie deficit can lead to the loss of more fat and muscle. When you’re on a moderate calorie deficit, you’re less likely to lose muscle mass because you’re burning fat instead. A 600 calorie deficit is recommended for males and around 400 for females. If you reduce the number of calories, you will not lose a lot of muscle mass and will also have a sufficient amount of energy levels to complete your exercises. But, if you starve yourself, you will lose a lot of your muscles.

Increase Protein Intake

Consuming more protein is very important if you want to build and maintain muscles. Lean protein is essential when you are on a calorie deficit. On a calorie deficit diet, never reduce your protein intake, and if you are not having enough, eat more eggs, fish, yogurt, and lean meat. Proteins have lower calories than fat and carbs and will keep you full for longer.

Add Strength Training

Strength training should be incorporated along with your exercise regimen. It will help you maintain your existing muscle mass while aiding with fat loss. While doing strength training activities, increase the weights. This will help train your brain to ignore the effect on your muscle mass.

If you are serious about losing weight through bootcamp in orange county, join Jungle Fitness, a gym in Orange County.  You will be trained by a professional trainer in OC. Our certified professional can create a complete workout schedule and diet plan, which will make it easier for you to get back in shape.


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Cutting down on your weight is really hard, but getting rid of belly fat is the toughest part of the journey. You may have seen a few articles in the papers which say that abs are generally made in the kitchen. This is true and following a strict diet with essential foods will help you on your way to achieving your goals. Belly fat is one of the last things to go when losing weight. Finding the correct combination of a proper diet with a workout routine is the quickest way for you to lose belly fat and get your abs to show. Here are a few tips for you to get your abs to show. 

Track Your Calories

The most basic way to reach weight loss is to consume fewer calories than you expend. You may keep track of what you eat and attempt to keep your calorie intake low by using a calorie tracking app. A pound equals 3500 calories, therefore, if you want to shed a pound safely, reduce your normal calorie consumption by 500 calories each day. You will drop a pound of weight in a week. Start out slowly and it will become a habit.


Reducing calories is not a long-term solution. You have to complement it with the right amount of exercise. Regular exercise is the most effective method to lose belly fat. Exercises such as Running, Jogging, Swimming, Cycling, Boxing, etc. can help you reduce your waistline as these burn the most calories. Adding a good strength training routine to your cardio routine is an even better combination to receding your belly fat.  

Add Protein

Increasing your protein intake might also assist you in achieving your objectives. Proteins aid in the natural burning of calories and keep you fuller for longer. This can help you cut down on your food cravings. Protein also aids in the repair of small rips in your muscles that occur during strength training. At least 70 grams of protein should be included in your daily diet.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for obtaining a flat tummy. Patience and a well-thought-out strategy are required. You should be more conscious about what you are consuming. As you learn more about what goes into your food, you’ll want to start cooking more at home and eat less junk food.  

If you are really serious about workout and need help join a Jungle Fitness gym in Orange County. Our experienced personal trainers in OC can create a complete workout routine along with a diet plan for you, making your abs show.  

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Exercising regularly can be a challenge for many people. Studies reveal that physical activity can promote positive health outcomes. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans state that “About  80 % of Americans are not getting the required amount of exercise for optimal health.” 

If you are one of those that do not like to exercise alone, ask your friends to help you out. Working out with a partner can not only increase your chances of heading out to the gym, but you can also motivate each other to get fitter and healthier. 


Many of us fail to meet our fitness goals due to simple laziness or disinterest. if you have a workout buddy, you may inspire each other to complete the routines. If you don’t finish your fitness regimens, you’ll feel bad about disappointing your partner. Having someone track your development might also encourage you to outperform them. Instead of sleeping in, you’ll go for a run to beat your friend’s daily progress. The added accountability will improve your chances of achieving your objectives.


Working out with a friend might motivate you to go further than you would if you were working out alone if you’re competitive. You will compete with your partner on every exercise. Simple facts like your friend can run five kilometers but you are unable to may irritate you. Just make sure you don’t get too competitive that you lose your friendship and your partner stops exercising with you.


Another reason you should have a partner is boredom. When you work out alone, you may become bored or discouraged. The training might get monotonous, and you may reach a plateau. When you’re feeling unmotivated, your partner may push you to make sure you don’t skip a workout. Even simply seeing them work out might help you get back on track with your goals.


If your partner has been working out at the gym for a long time, they may assist you in becoming used to the training routines as well as keeping you safe while doing so. Working out in the gym is a difficult activity, and having someone from many walks of life by your side may be beneficial. Your partner can assist you if you have any doubts about an exercise.

If you don’t have a workout partner to motivate and assist you in your workouts, you can join any of our gyms in orange county. Jungle Fitness offers experienced personal trainers in orange county gyms. They will create a customized workout routine for you and motivate you to perform well in a safe manner.

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Covid has put many of your fitness goals on a backburner. Now with gyms opening up, you can slowly start your fitness journey, once again. Getting back into gyms again safely and taking measures to minimize your risk of catching the virus should be your top priority. 

Let’s have a look at a few tips and measures that you can adopt when you get back to the gym.

Choosing the gym

You need to check out the facilities of the gym and weigh your options. See whether they are following the protocols laid out by the Centre For Disease Control. Are they following the routine temperature checks, checking for your symptoms? Do they follow the masking protocol and social distancing? If the personal trainers at OC are following COVID protocols?

If the gym offers online classes as an option, that’s a great deal too. This will give you the choice to attend virtual classes from your home on a couple days and attend the gym on certain others, which will minimize your risk. 


Once you are at the gym, make sure that you are wearing a mask covering your nose and mouth at all times. It sure is uncomfortable, but it will not only protect you but also others around you from COVID. There has been a study that masking does not impact the heart rate, BP, and oxygen saturation of healthy individuals significantly. It is a good practice to bring disposable masks with you and change them routinely.

Social Distancing

Avoid areas of the gym with a high volume of foot traffic so that you can avoid catching the virus. Being in areas and using machines where there is least crowded environment is essential. Avoid going into the gym at peak hours and ask the staff when the gym is relatively empty so you can do your workout more freely.


Avoid drinking the water from the filter installed at the gym as it is used by a lot of people.

Bring your own water from home so that you can make sure it is safe. 

Cleaning Equipment

Although sanitizers are provided in the gym, to be safe, bring wet wipes to clean your workout equipment before and after you complete it. You will be less likely to catch or spread the virus as a result of this.

These suggestions will assist you in getting back on track at the gym in a safe manner. At Jungle Fitness, our gym in Orange County, we strictly adhere to the CDC standards and follow social distancing norms. Come and see for yourself.

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The fitness industry is completely saturated. There are so many fitness studios across the country and many are still opening up. There is no dearth of choices when it comes to hiring a fitness instructor or a gyms in orange county. But you need to be sure of getting the right coach. Here are the five things that will help you tell the difference between a good instructor and a bad one and will be helpful in making the right choice.


A kind, warm and friendly instructor is what you should be looking for. They should give you their introduction and give you an overview of what you can expect during the training sessions. You need a coach around whom you are comfortable and can ask them anything reading your fitness challenges. As there are also online classes, you need to look at reviews from current and former clients to make your decision.


A good instructor always does your complete physical test before even starting training. This will include you filling in your complete medical history and letting them know about prior injuries or any health complications. This is basically so that they can tailor your program based on your ongoing fitness issues and not cause pain or worsen the problem. Even in online classes, the instructor should do the same via online forms and questionnaires.


A good instructor checks for the way in which the client does the exercises and corrects them. They ensure that you are doing the workout the right way and not going to injure yourself while performing any exercise. Doing any exercise in its correct form and slowly is better than doing it wrong with more reps. Online class participants should be made to turn on their camera to show the instructor if they are doing the exercise correctly.


Before you do any exercise, the instructor should always demonstrate the right way to do it. They should show you the correct technique so that you can follow it the same way. You should be able to ask any questions you like during this process. You need to be clear on all the pointers to get good form.

These tips above should give you a good indicator of the traits of a good fitness instructor. Look for these and make a wise choice. At Jungle Fitness, our gym in Orange County , fitness coaches are well-trained and are willing to go the extra mile to help you along your fitness journey. Our fitness plans are customized for each client.

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Metabolism is a process where calories are converted to energy by the body. Your genes, gender, and age play a big role in how fast or slow your metabolism is. Metabolism drops as you age, but it can be increased if certain habits are dropped from your routine. Low metabolism leads to fat build-up as the calories you consume are not burned up completely, which leads to weight gain. But there are few things that contribute to lowering your metabolism and dropping them will increase exponentially.

Morning Meal

Never skip a meal when you wake up. As the metabolism slows down as you sleep, eating right after you wake up will help you in burning more calories. If you miss the meal in the morning the body goes into conservation mode and will conserve energy and reduce the metabolism. A healthy breakfast will intimate to your body that there’s plenty where that came from and it can burn calories normally.


Your health is affected if you are sitting for extended periods of time. Here, your body goes into conservation mode, and your metabolism slows down. Blood sugar and blood pressure problems can also be caused by a decrease in metabolism. After every half-hour, get up and stroll about for a few minutes. A simple walk around the block every now and then is beneficial.

Strength Exercises

People focus on cardio to increase their metabolism. This is true that a higher number of calories are burned during cardio, but this elevated burn returns to normal quickly. Strength training keeps your metabolism higher for longer and due to the increase in muscle mass over time, the metabolism permanently stays high. Higher active muscle tissue is directly translated to a higher metabolic rate. You can hire a personal trainer in Orange county to help with your daily exercise routine


Stress plays a big factor in your metabolism. Cortisol is produced when your stress level rises. This cortisol increases your craving for unhealthy food and it also affects your willingness to exercise and sleep patterns. These things have a negative effect on your metabolism. Therefore, controlling your stress levels is important.

Regular exercise helps to maintain a high metabolism level. You can join our gym in Orange County – Jungle fitness. We have experienced trainers who will guide you in your fitness journey. We take care of your entire fitness schedule taking into consideration your long-term fitness goals.

You can join a gym in Orange County, if you live around that area.

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For almost the entirety of the pandemic, gyms, indoor exercise classes have been deemed a no-go zone. They are considered a very high-risk area where you can easily catch the virus. This was mostly due to the closed space and limited ventilation and because people are breathing a lot heavier.

Once you get your vaccine shot, you can get back to getting your sweat on. So what should you do to get back to your regimen, which you followed before the pandemic? These are a few health and fitness guidelines you should follow.

Examine your health

Once you’ve had your vaccinations, it’s time to reschedule your health checks, which have been on hold for the entire year. Before you start your workout regimen, consult your doctor for a comprehensive health checkup to see if any issue needs to be addressed. Health checkup is important as you need to know if you are fit and healthy to start vigorous workouts.

Group Classes

According to the CDC, people who have been fully vaccinated can gather, meet, or work out without wearing a mask, whether it is indoors or outdoors. These guidelines include group exercise classes, such as fitness classes. So you can now join back to your yoga classes, walking groups, sports, and games. This development has given a lot of people extreme joy, where they can finally spend time with their family. 

The Gym

Gyms are still one of those semi-safe spaces that are in transition. Each bootcamp orange county facility has its own rules that need to be followed till the time everyone is vaccinated. A lot of gyms allow entry only to people who are vaccinated. If your gym does not have this policy, make sure to wear a mask and keep a hand sanitizer handy. If you are going to use the treadmill or cycling machine, see whether there is enough ventilation and there is sufficient distance between machines. Sanitize the machine before and after you use it. Cycling and running are safer forms of exercise in an open space than in an indoor space. 

Getting back to the gym might make you nervous after the pandemic. At Jungle Fitnessgyms in orange county) we make sure this transition is easy and safe. Our personal trainers in Orange County are all vaccinated and follow the COVID protocol. We have elevated our cleaning procedures to keep our facility clean at all times. Sanitizers and disinfectant sprays are kept handy in every area of the facility. Our staff follow the best practices provided by the CDC guidelines.

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Losing weight is not the difficult part, keeping it off is the part that can get tricky. A lifestyle change is what is essentially required to keep your weight under control. A whole load of crash diets and workout routines can help you lose some weight, but most people gain it back when they stop. There can be various reasons why this is happening. Let us have a look at a few bootcamp orange county services.


A good diet with essential nutrition is very important to keep the weight off. What you eat is the most important factor in your weight loss journey. You need to skip the sauces and keep your sweet cravings to a minimum. A diet with regular protein intake should be a part of your daily intake. Also, try and reduce sodium intake to minimize bloating.

Working Out

Another reason why most people don’t lose weight is that they don’t exercise enough. Not exercising enough reduces your metabolism. Movement is important, as it increases your metabolism, and your body burns more calories at rest as well. As you work out regularly, and regulate your diet, your junk food cravings will reduce, and your body will start craving proper meals. 


The current diet that you are following may be too hard to follow. Are you following a calorie deficit diet? Is your goal lower than half your daily recommended calorie intake? This type of diet is very hard to follow as it increases your cravings. You will be hungry all the time and once you stop the diet, all the weight which you had lost will be back.

Controlling Your Portion

You must limit the amount of servings you eat. You may be unaware that, despite the fact that you use olive oil in your cooking, it includes a lot of calories. Sauces and oil are high in calories, so use as little as possible. Ingredients in your food might be increasing the calories that you eat. 

Maintaining weight loss includes a proper fitness routine and a healthy diet. You can join Jungle Fitness that has gyms in orange county. You can take the assistance of a personal trainer in Orange County or Irvine. Jungle Fitness’ professional and trained personal trainers will assist you with your workout regimen. We will assist you in reducing the chances of injuries while still achieving your workout objectives in a timely manner.

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Most people concentrate only on their chest, arms, and abs as they are the most visible and neglect their back. In fact, the back is one of the most important areas which needs your attention in your regular workout routine. Without a strong upper back and shoulders, a big chest looks ridiculous. Training your back muscles will help prevent injuries to other areas and also help you lift more weights. You can join a gym in Orange County and work with a personal trainer. Let’s get into a few back exercises which you can include in your workout routine.

Renegade Row

The renegade row is sort of similar to a dumbbell row in which you maximize your position. It’s basically a plank with alternate dumbbell pull. To do this correctly, start with a lesser weight and using your lats pull your dumbbell towards your chest and then back to the ground alternatively. Renegade Row will improve your core strength and also help with balance.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettle swings can help you build a strong back quickly. Stand a little wider than shoulder-width apart and lean forward whilst bending your knees. Hold the handles with both hands and lift up while keeping your back straight. Swing the kettlebell from between your legs to about shoulder height. Keep your arms straight and then go back down and repeat. Use only your lats and not your biceps while performing this exercise. Kettlebell can work on your core and also your posterior chain.

Pull Up

This exercise can be done using any sturdy bar or a pull-up station. Hold the bar shoulder-width apart with your palms facing away from you while your arms are fully stretched. Move your elbows towards your hips while you squeeze your shoulder blades and move your chips above the bar. Slowly come back down in a steady manner. Pull Ups will improve your lats and help you gain a wider chest as well.

Barbell Deadlift

This is an essential exercise for anyone wanting a stronger back. Hold the barbell shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees and keep your back straight and chest up. Look forward, keep your shoulder up and then lift the barbell. Keep the bar near your body and lift up to your thighs and go back down. Always keep your back straight, as a curved back can cause an injury. Barbells build strong legs, back, shoulders, and arms as well.

Strengthening back muscles is important to reduce back pain. If you’re new to doing exercises, it is best to get help. If you live in Orange County, you can hire a personal trainer in OC. A bootcamp irvine fitness can guide you with the right exercise routine. Exercising regularly can prevent injury, improve stability, and flexibility. 

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Do you go to the gym regularly? If that’s a yes, it’s fantastic and is quite an achievement. Working out regularly will keep you physically fit and keep you in a better place mentally. A fitness journey is not easy and smooth all the time. There will be ups and downs, and there can be injuries as well. Let us look at some of the common injuries that can occur and how you can prevent them.

Joint Injuries

Failing to warm up before a workout is one of the major reasons your joints can get injured. When performing complex exercises where a lot of muscles are involved, warming up and then cooling down after should be the prerequisite. Keep proper form and prevent your body from misaligning and also straightening your muscles. If lifting weights, don’t lift weights that are too heavy for you. 

Runner’s Knee

If you love to run on the treadmill, you are susceptible to this injury. The injury is caused due to the misalignment of the kneecap. The cartilage in the kneecap becomes inflamed and causes discomfort. Over time the cartilage wears down and can cause pain when you put pressure on the knee. Also known as patellofemoral knee syndrome, the pain can increase over time if not treated. The most common reason for this is overtraining and not listening to the slight irritations that occur in the body. Don’t put too much weight on the knee if you are feeling any form of discomfort.

Anterior Pelvic Tilt

If you feel pain in your back, whether it is upper or lower or your legs, your pelvis might be the problem. This can be caused if you sit for too long or also if your posture is not correct during exercises. One of the major causes is the incorrectly done squats, where your body position is imbalanced. To prevent this from happening, don’t lift too much weight. Also, make sure your form is right, and you do the exercises slowly by joining bootcamp orange county.

Getting injuries is very common during your workout journey. If you are looking for the best affordable personal trainer in Orange County, CA, join Jungle Fitness. Our personal trainers in OC are experienced and certified who can help you in your workout routine. We will help you minimize the risk of injury and also help you reach your workout goals in a swift manner.

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Trainers in the gym give personal assistance to clients. Many people just head to the gym without having any knowledge of how to approach their fitness goals. Exercise is an activity that requires a planned and streamlined approach to achieve good results. Our personal trainers in OC and Irvine are well equipped with skills and knowledge to develop an overall strategy to help the clients. 


 Here are the 5 reasons to opt for a personal trainer:


  • Perfect Form –

When you look at others exercising it looks easy. But it is essential to have the proper form and technique to target the right muscles. When your form is wrong it can cause injury to your muscles. A personal trainer will correct your posture and form while teaching you how to perform each exercise correctly.



  • Motivate and Challenge


When you are working out on your own, you can fall into the trap tedious workout routines. A fitness trainer mixes all your routines and gives you challenging workouts. Also, they push you whilst you’re working out to achieve better results on your workout each time.


  • Keep Realistic Goals


When you workout without any experience of the gym, you may try to keep your fitness goals too high. These high goals are at times impossible to achieve and constant failure can demotivate you. This can turn into a vicious cycle where a lot of people stop working out altogether. A trainer can set you up with realistic targets which you can achieve following certain routines. 


  • Fat Loss


If it is your first time in the gym, you may feel that lifting weights or just doing cardio will get rid of the excess fat, and at the same time, increase muscle. You need to follow a proper exercise regimen, or you may end up increasing muscle without having lost any fat. On the other hand, you could be doing too much cardio, which could counteract all your muscle gain. A personal trainer will make a balanced workout plan to increase muscle and reduce fat at the same time.


  • Better Results


A lot of people start to workout on the cardio machine when they enter the gym. Some take a long time on a few machines and don’t complete their workout in the ideal time.Personal trainers are important as they can ensure that you complete each machine workout in a set time frame, thereby maximizing your time with the best workout. Also, it’s good to have a trainer, if you are one of those people who want maximum in a limited amount of time  

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Irvine who can help meet your fitness goals, Jungle Fitness is the right place for you. We have some of the best gyms in Orange County. We also conduct regular boot camps in Orange County. Get in touch with us today and reach your fitness goals faster.